Finance Card - credit cards, debit card, ATM card

First choice for cost conscious banking card issuers, we support all profiles from VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay, AMEX to JCB cards. Our professional sales team can also help you select the respective technology for your application and market environment. We also supply EMV solutions to major ba

Loyalty Card - VIP cards, membership card, discount card

Usually used to collect customer information (name, age, gender, income range and etc) for marketing research, our loyalty card is the best communication channel with your customers. The card allows customers to enjoy discount and other members’ discount set by your company.

Identification Card - staff card, access card

Identification card are not only limited to verifying a person’s identity, it also controls the access right to certain areas for a better understanding of card holders’ access behavior.

Transaction Card - Prepaid phone card, e-money card

Stored with a value that enables card holders to undertake one or more business transaction to allow for more convenient and prompt transaction process.

Souvenir Card

Souvenir card can be tailor-made to match your business strategies; it can direct your messages to target customers.